Case study: Concluded 2015

Business problem:

SAB’s Socio-Economic Development activities were historically aligned within grassroots sports development. A need was identified to introduce a grassroots agriculture programme in line with the broader Go Farming programme.


Solution space:

This programme was designed (in addition to exiting initiatives) to bring true economic meaning to Socio-Economic Development through the promotion of commercial farming activities within rural women.



The vehicle chosen for execution was co-operatives to ensure that there was a broad-based distribution of economic benefits. The yellow maize crop is then purchased from the women and aggregated into the crop harvested by the broader Go Farming maize programme, giving a secure economic benefit. The Department of Small Business Development is the custodian of co-operatives, and partnered on the project at execution stage to provide infrastructure and funding support. The Agricultural Research Council also partnered on the technical development side.