Plug and Transform

Electronic Supply Chain Network

Plug and Transform is an electronic supply chain networking platform for corporates and SMMEs (of all race ownership profiles). The purpose of the platform is to provide corporates with vetted SMMEs that have undergone a due diligence process, providing a much-needed level of assurance. In the process, business development support may also be extended to SMMEs where needed to ensure readiness to participate in and deliver against expectations.

Included in the investment made by SMMEs is:

  • A business diagnostic (an outcome of the due diligence) with actionable items on how to improve the strength of the business
  • A network of vetted complimentary service providers (e.g. bookkeepers, auditors, wealth advisors, etc.) to assist with developing the business all round

As an optional extra, SMMEs may also secure access to our business back office support programme (for quotations, invoicing, payroll, etc.)

  • Due diligence completed on all SMMEs registered in the database, giving comfort on existence and functionality
  • A business diagnostic (an outcome of the due diligence) can be used as a baseline for identifying qualifying beneficiaries for Enterprise and Supplier Development beneficiaries
  • Ongoing assurance function of supplier suitability based on specific RFPs, with recommendations put forward for consideration

This platform is for businesses of all sizes and ownership racial profiles, looking for direct access to supply chain opportunities extended by (but not limited to) our clients. The BBBEE Codes of Good Practice require representation in size (up to R50m turnover, with a business of any race profile), as well as black-owned businesses. As MOPSY, we are dedicated to creating economic access opportunities for all businesses, that will have a direct impact on job creation. The ultimate decision to select one business over another rests with the selecting corporate.

Be part of the first 100 to pilot the system. Platform goes live on 1 June 2017

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