We follow an 8-step process in our BBBEE Strategic Advisory

  • Post rating, we model scenarios to identify different levers that a client can pull to improve their BBBEE score

  • We then agree with the client on a realistic aspirational BBBEE target

  • We carry out a thorough diagnostic of existing programmes and identify opportunities to scale these

  • We collaborate with the client to design a full suite of programmes to capture the opportunities identified in the scorecard. Here we work very closely with the client’s transformation team to ensure maximum skills transfer and continuity

  • Having agreed on programmes to run, we help the client set up a project management office to drive programme delivery. It is encouraged that this be driven by the client’s current resources, to ensure cost effectiveness

  • Upon programme kickoff, we monitor progress to ensure that the programme is performing in line with expectations, and we would incorporate course correction strategies as we gather insights from the programme roll out

  • We then compile interim ratings, similar to what a rating agency would do. We also help the client prepare for their next rating and challenge rating agencies should the determined rating fall below expectations

  • Partnering with an enterprise technology company, we also implement systems to ease the burden of BBBEE data gathering and scenario testing going forward. The tool also makes pulling interim reports much easier. The incorporation of technology solutions is entirely at the option of the client